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Ascent Chiropractic
Ascent Chiropractic

Dr. Robert Ehle opened the doors of his clinic more than 25 years ago, providing chiropractic medicine that involves manipulation, acupuncture and applied kinesiology (AK). Dr. Ehle offers treatment for a variety of muscular and skeletal conditions such as headaches, neck, arm, back and leg pain. The spine is incredibly important! Manipulation of the spine restores nerve flow to the muscles and organs as well as strengthens the nervous system. Spinal manipulation facilitates healing, reduces stress and relieves pain. A tool Dr. Ehle uses that helps him to work more specific when adjusting is AK (a muscle testing procedure). This diagnostic tool assists Dr. Ehle in finding and correcting the problem and sets his practice apart from others. Another such tool is Acupuncture which also relieves pain, restores energy and healing. It can be effective with persisting symptoms such as headaches, neck, shoulder, low back, hip and knee pain.

Our Primary Goal is Getting Our Patients Feeling Better as Quickly as Possible

Dr. Ehle doesn’t ask his patients to commit to big programs. Instead, we personalize the treatment based on the complexity and duration of time you have been suffering with your complaint. The benefits of regular chiropractic treatments go beyond relieving pain and suffering, they will also help you feel better, sleep better and be more productive. Please feel free to call us with any questions and/or schedule an appointment.

Ascent Chiropractic
Robert Ehle DC
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