Glute Club


GLUTECLUB is a progressive overload programmed strength and conditioning class designed by certified personal trainers to help women become stronger over time. Each workout focuses on strength training, core, and cardiovascular endurance.

Hello Ladies!

My name is Jessica Lopez I am a NASM Certified Personal and Small Group Trainer. I began my training career over 10 years ago and have trained in several gyms. As a wife, mother of two kiddos and two bonus kiddos, I know how it feels to try and balance life and time for yourself. Before I had my babies I didn’t know anything about living a healthy lifestyle or training. I knew how to run and so running is what I did. After having my first baby I began to learn more about eating healthier foods and how to train my body. Living this healthy lifestyle has helped me both mentally and physically.

My passion is to help women become confident, stronger and a healthier version of themselves. I practice progressive overload and believe everyone from beginners to advanced clients can see progress. I want women to know you can do hard things and become the best version of yourself, join a community of strong women!

Glute Club
2622 Wolflin Avenue
Wolflin Square
Amarillo, TX 79109