Hunting, Fishing and Travel Store

RiverFields is a hunting, fly fishing and outdoor travel store in Amarillo, Texas. Specializing in guns, outdoor clothing and accessories, travel and gun safes. Our fly shop is one of the finest in the state. Locally owned and operated by David Rittenberry.

Fly Rods

From beginner to expert, RiverFields has rods to fit every type of fly caster. With over 40 years experience, owner David Rittenberry can help you pick the fly rod to fit your needs, skills, or desires. With his years of personal experience and extensive knowledge of the feel and performance characteristics of every rod, David can help you make the perfect selection — one that will not only feel great in your hand, but will practically become an extension of your arm over the water. As experts in the field of fly fishing, RiverFields has chosen to offer the three premiere brands: Sage, TFO, and Redington.

Rifles & Shotguns

If you’re into hunting, you owe it to yourself to stop by RiverFields for a visit. We offer the Panhandle’s most complete selection of rifles and shotguns, both new and used, for the hunting enthusiast. We display hundreds of guns on a daily basis, and have access to thousands more, from all major manufacturers (and some no-so-major, too!). Be sure and check out our Specials page, for some great deals on firearms. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us! If we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll do our level best to get it for you, pronto. So when you’re readying for your next hunt, or just want to see what’s new, stop by RiverFields. You’ll be glad you did.

Pistols, Rifles & Shotguns

It’s a fact: fortune favors the prepared. Now, nobody wants to think that they could be the victim of a crime. But because we don’t live in Mayberry, it’s our responsibility to be prepared for things that we’d rather not think about. We understand. Unlike what you may have seen at the “big box” stores or national chains, self defense is not an afterthought at RiverFields. We have the largest selection of products for self defense in the Panhandle, from the finest in semi-auto handguns, wheel guns and home defense options such as pump shotguns and AR-15s. Our trained, professional staff knows that the choices you make in self-defense products may be, quite literally, life or death decisions. We have the experience to guide you, the knowledge to help you, and the selection to offer you the perfect weapon that fits your needs. Our full-time gunsmith is available to help you both before and after the sale, with advice on options such as laser grips, magazines, and modifications you might want, such as enhanced sights and trigger jobs. We are authorized representatives for Kimber, Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Ruger, Browning, Benelli, Beretta and more. If you’re in the market for a used weapon, rest assured that RiverFields goes the second mile, checking out every weapon we offer to insure that it is both in perfect working order, and has a blemish-free history. So when you recognize the need for self defense, visit the people that have the tools you need, and the experience you trust. RiverFields – because when it comes to protecting you and your family, compromise is not an option.

Fishing Excursions

Have you dreamed of being in Alaska, hooked up with an Alaskan rainbow while looking across the river at a 10-ft. Grizzly? Or maybe it’s a bonefish flat, wading as a 6-foot baracuda slashes through the school of bones you were stalking? Possibly you are in Brazil, deep in the Amazon rain forest, releasing your hundredth peacock bass for the day and be weighed in at 18.5 lbs. Wow! What a dream…realizing your dream. That’s what we do at RiverFields. Come travel with us. We’ll open worlds of experiences to you, taking you to the most remote parts of the world, and creating memories that have an unlimited shelf life.

Hunting Trips

Have you dreamed of being in the Rockies, hunting a bighorn sheep? Or maybe it’s a west Texas hunt for a trophy antelope. Possibly you are at dawn’s light, waiting for the season’s first covey of dove to fly overhead. At Riverfields, this is more than a dream. It’s what we do. Come travel with us. We’ll open worlds of experiences to you, taking you to the most remote parts of the world, and creating memories that have an unlimited shelf life.

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