Samaritan Arts Jewelry


Custom Jewelry by Brad Ferguson

Samaritan Arts Jewelry is a unique jewelry store by Amarillo’s nationally known jewelry designer Brad Ferguson. Some of his designs are leased by one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the world. We strive to design and make quality and unique jewelry, primarily for Christians and with a Christian witness.

Raised in Amarillo from the age of 6, Brad graduated from Amarillo High in 1970 and later from WT with a degree in psychology. He began his jewelry business in 1980 after creating his most popular and best known design—his original Crown of Thorns pendant—for his future wife. Originally working out of the house he grew up in, he soon moved his jewelry business to its current location in Wolflin Square where he has been repairing, designing and making some of the finest jewelry available for over 30 years in what customers have described as a relaxed, no pressure, serene atmosphere.

Satisfied Customers

Brad has satisfied customers all across the United States and literally all over the world—from England, Germany, and the Netherlands to Turkey, Japan, and Australia—reaching them through his website, He can repair your old jewelry and make it look like new, or he can take it apart and remake it into something completely different for you.

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We invite you to see why our guy’s purity rings, girl’s purity rings and True Love Waits jewelry, and other chastity rings that encourage abstinence, our Crown of Thorns Christian pendants and wedding rings, our other original Christian religious jewelry, Narnia type Lion of Judah rings, carousel and Texas jewelry is the most unique in the jewelry market. For 30 years we have been making jewelry created by our owner, nationally recognized designer Brad Ferguson, and we have thousands of loyal customers across the US.

Store hours are Tuesday – Saturday, noon to 6PM. After 6PM is prime jewelry production time. Call ahead to arrange for after 6PM service, and Brad will be happy to meet with you.

Samaritan Arts Jewelry
2427 I-40 West
Wolflin Square
Amarillo, TX 79109
P: (806) 359-9195
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