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Who We Are:

Welcome to Uptown Muse, your number one source for all things trendy! We are dedicated to offering you the trendiest clothing with a focus on customer service, uniqueness and affordability!

Each style is hand picked by our founder, her priority is you being 100% happy with your purchase. What you receive WILL ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE WHAT YOU ORDERED!!! We quality check each shipment upon merchandise receipt, and before we ship to our clients. You will find a product description under each item to help you select a size and give you an accurate idea of what you are purchasing. Typical questions, all consumers ask themselves when ordering online is:

  1. Does this piece run true to size?
  2. Does this piece stretch?
  3. Is this piece see through?

Just read the product description, and you will find answers to all these questions and more! Our #1 priority is for items not be see through; That is our founder’s pet peeve! If you’re ordering for a special occasion or need a last minute outfit, shop with confidence that you will be happy with your selections!

How We Began:

Uptown Muse Boutique has been in the works for a long time. Founded in 2020, by Cindy, Uptown Muse has came a long way from its beginnings in a home office! Planning for Uptown Muse started in 2020 and we officially launched online in February of 2021. Cindy had always dreamed about launching a boutique. For years, she had been saving up to make this dream a reality!

Our Mission

At www.uptownmuse.com, our mission is to ensure that our customers shop comfortably and with confidence. We are committed to delivering top quality pieces that match their description. We make sure our clothes are NOT see-through and fit you just right.

Uptown Muse is more than just a business after profits. We have a passion for quality, style, and affordability. We are devoted to getting you items that we can proudly stand behind. We would never sell something that wouldn’t personally impress us. We are here for a long time and we respectfully, hope to earn your business!

When shopping our storefront, we strive for you to feel welcomed and comfortable while shopping! We won’t treat you any different if you come in not “done up.” Life sometimes gets hectic and we need last minute things. We don’t always have time to put on makeup or do our hair. Know that in our store, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE TREATED WITH RESPECT, regardless of your looks or size!!! Cindy has poured her heart and soul into this business and we are extremely thankful for every single client. Without our clients, this dream would not be possible. We look forward to serving you!



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